Exquisite Cohasset Beach Homes For Sale

Buying a vacation home is a wise decision. And our professional team can help you find the perfect place, at a good price, that will also produce nice rents when you are away.

Of course your booking at this home are will always be honored honored. But the exquisite Jeager Beach House and, the Sanderling Beach House next door are currently "For Sale."

Jaeger Beach House, Westport WA  $999,000
Jaeger Beach House $999,000
Sanderling Beach House, Westport WA  $799,000
Sanderling Beach House $799,000

Of course, staying in your own beach on the edge of the water is a dream come true. But these vacation rental homes give you even more:

  • Have your own private place to getaway.
  • Build warm memories with children & family.
  • Host your friends for fun & activities.
  • Or enjoy peace & quiet & relaxation.
  • Enjoy the activities and natural environment.
  • Explore shops and local events.
  • Meet the neighbors & feel like a local.
  • Pick a place that matches your taste.
  • Furnish & outfit the home anyway you like,
  • Include the amenities you really want.
  • Stay and use it whenever you want.
  • Rent it out when not there.

Not All Properties Created Equal

Most homes do well in rental, but some do far better. Our staff can help you make the est decision and we it for absolutely no fee, just in hopes you'll hire us to oversee and manage your place. We can help you:

  • Pick the right real estate agent.
  • Avoid the wrong real estate agents.
  • Point out homes that will be more popular.
  • Suggest top locations & neighborhoods.
  • List amenities that bring in top dollar rents.
  • Reveal little things that make a big difference.
  • Provide setup checklists.
  • Coordinate movers & services.

Not all Managers Are Created Equal

Not all managers are created equal either. Our company offers only certified, trained and tested staff members, all backed by a strong team of marketing, advertising, accounting, sales, software, website and administrative professionals. No one else can match this.

Call today. No obligation. We would love to help. 360-267-3234 extension 902.

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